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Green World
in September 2018!

Dear friends of the Green World,
Together with the leading exhibitors, we have decided to confirm definitively the information from the year before last about the transition of our exhibition to two-year periodicity. Thus, fans of the International Contracting Gardening and Floristic Fair Green World will have to wait for the next exhibition as long as until the year 2018. The popular autumn date remains.

What can we look forward to?

We prepare many interesting changes for the next exhibition. Apart from the definitive confirmation that the Fair switches to two-year periodicity, we plan also some other organizational changes, the justness of which we discussed with the main exhibitors from amongst growers, nursery managers and florists. They also welcomed that the Fair will be held only on weekdays – on Thursday and Friday.

In autumn 2018, visitors can look forward to the introduction of new exhibits from many individual gardening branches for the coming season. Traditionally, a leading theme will be accentuated both in expositions and in the accompanying programme. Everything will be as usually prepared so that the Fair addresses both specialists and wide public with the specific interest in gardening services. Already today, we can reveal that the focus of the next exhibition will be on the protection of the environment and lack of water, which has doubtlessly become a global problem. These important issues will be further developed in diverse directions; one of them is promotion of interesting commercial and non-profit projects. The issue of grants and subsidies will not be missing

either. From September to December of this year, exhibitors will be encouraged to fill their registration forms presented on the Fair websites under conditions much more favourable than before.

We believe that these changes will be beneficial not only for the fair Green World 2018.

Veronika Juříčková Vestra
VESTRA tina et veri

Looking back at the fair
Green World 2016

The Fair Green World 2016 was attended by about 60 firms from various branches of gardening showing their exhibits on an area over 2,000 square metres – from the suppliers of planting stock and substrates, nursery growers, florists up to implementers. Exhibitors were both from the Czech Republic and from some foreign countries – for example from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France or Lithuania. Their offer was combined with the technical accompanying programme devoted for example to new types of substrates, herb-rich grasslands, urban plantations and other topical subjects.


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