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1.    Garden architecture
1.1. Garden implementation and maintenance
1.2. Construction of gardens and greenery
1.3. Construction of turfs
1.4. Roof gardens
1.5. Greenery maintenance
1.6. Outplanting
1.7. Consultancy, designs, projects
2.    Wood in garden
2.1. Garden houses, cottages, arbours
2.2. Pergolas, penthouses
2.3. Garden pickets, piles
2.4. Playgrounds, sand-pits, playing areas and swings
2.5. Fences, railings and accessories
3.    Other garden constructions 
3.1. Greenhouses, greenhouse devices
3.2. Fountains, waterworks, water holes, water containers, public fountains, wells
3.3. Garden fireplaces, smoking chambers, grills, fireplaces
3.4. Winter gardens
3.5. Terraces
3.6. Garden swimming pools
4. Garden equipment
4.1. Paving, matting, grates  
4.2. Stones
4.3. Plastic greenhouse, hot-beds, composters
4.4. Water station, caterers, lawn-sprinklers
4.5. Garden showers
4.6. Pump devices hydro installations
4.7. Pumps
4.8. Irrigation systems and accessories
4.9. Hose-pipes
5. Garden accessories
5.1. Marquises, sun-blinds, shutters
5.2. Ceramics, garden ceramic decorations  
5.3. Statues, garden sculptures
5.4. Posts, baluster railings, kerbs, pedestals
5.5. Flower-pots, flower boxes
5.6. Bird tables, bird boxes
5.7. Other accessories
6. Garden lightning
6.1. Lamps and lanterns
6.2. Keronese lamps and lamp oil
6.3. Garden solar lightning
6.4. Reflector
6.5. Candles, chips of wood
7. Plants and the preparative for cultivation
7.1. Fresh cut and potted plants
7.2. House and balcony plants
7.3. Summer annuals, biennales, and perennials
7.4. Ornamental trees and bushes
7.5. Fruit trees
7.6.  Alpine plants, bonsais, cactuses and succulents
7.7.  Water weeds
7.8.  Seeds, seeds for sowing, seedlings
7.9.  Substrates, soil, peat
7.10. Agricultural chemistry, fertilizers, pesticides
7.11. Plant protection and nutrition
8.     Floristics
8.1. Decorative work and bouquets
8.2. Floristic tools, accessories and decoration  
8.3. Ikebanas, vases, decorative work
8.4. Wickerwork and basketry  
8.5. Gift and decorative ceramics
8.6. Dried flowers and plants  
8.7. Artficial plants
9.    Garden furniture
9.1. Chairs, tables  
9.2. Benches, deckchairs
9.3. Garden swings
9.4. Hammocks
9.5. Polstry, sun-shades
9.6. Other furniture
10.    Garden and communal equipment, mechanisation 
10.1. Plant and machinery for landscaping
10.2. Mechanization for adjustment and maintenance of grass areas
10.3. Grass machine, sewer, sow machines
10.4. Scrub-slasher, electric power saws and power saws
10.5. Chippers, garden shredder, leaf vacuum  
10.6. Mechanization of the sprays for protection against pests and diseases
10.7. Small transport devices
11.    Garden tools, instruments and


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